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The Human Milk Foundation provides donor human milk to sick premature babies in hospital neonatal intensive care units and mums at home with cancer and other conditions through The Hearts Milk Bank.

Much like donated blood, donor human milk can be life-saving for tiny babies. By purchasing a product from this website, you are helping us to provide donor milk to more babies and making a difference to families that will last a lifetime.

Every pound we raise as a charity enables our vital service to keep operating: £10 could provide a milk donor with their onboarding pack; £20 could feed a premature baby for a day; £50 keeps our volunteers delivering milk for a week and £100 enables us to fully recruit a new milk donor, whose milk would feed on average 20 babies.

Everything we do at the HMF, from providing specialist support to families and milk donors, running the Hearts Milk Bank network, funding critical research and campaigning for better support for parents, we simply couldn’t do without the generosity of our supporters. Thank you.

Epson dye-sublimation digital printers

Epson (UK) Ltd has been the official charity partner of The Human Milk Foundation since September 2019. The products in this online store are all locally fulfilled and printed using dye-sublimation digital printing technology, thereby minimising the associated carbon emissions caused by international freight transport. All profit from sales of products in this store goes to the Human Milk Foundation.

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