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Oxytocin Tote Bag

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As part of our ‘science collection’, this beautiful design is based on the Oxytocin molecule and features lovely little pink hearts. Oxytocin is a hormone found in human milk. This hormone is stimulated in parents by close skin-to-skin contact with their baby , helping to establish bonding. It also stimulates milk ejection by acting on tiny muscle cells that line the mammary ducts.

This stylish and spacious tote bag is a great practical bag for everyday use and would also make a lovely gift. By purchasing this bag, you’re also supporting the Human Milk Foundation to help more babies to be fed with human milk.

Item Description

Our high-quality canvas tote bags are perfect for all eco friendly shoppers wanting a durable tote for everyday use. Easy to fold and made from a hard wearing 360gsm canvas they feature 26” sturdy black handles.

  • 360gsm canvas
  • Robust 26” (66cm) black handles
  • 14x18.5” (35.5 x 47cm)
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Care instructions - Wash at 30°C and no more than 800rpm spin cycle. Dry flat